Our Serranos & Ibericos

At Mariana Foods we are proud to sell the best Iberico Brands in the market: Fermin from Salamanca, COVAP from D.O Valle de los Pedroches, and Montaraz from D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura.

Piquillo Peppers

El Navarrico

Three generations of hard work, the best raw materials, and a artisan way to do it are the core of this company from Navarra (Spain).

During both the cultivation of produce and the preparation of ingredients, El Navarrico does as little as possible to their products before canning them. This commitment to maintaining the integrity of each ingredient ensures that every item is bursting with fresh flavors.

by Mariana Foods


Gourmet Food

Mariana Foods brings you a specialized selection of gourmet products from Spain. Our products are addressed to high quality restaurants and gourmet retail stores.


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